God Establishes Meaning

"Now that which had been created lacked shape and substance, with darkness filling this created chasm, yet the Spirit of God was still at work" (Genesis 1:2 Paraphrased by thethinkingfrog).

As the initiation point of matter unfolded, it lacked description. In the same way that God moved among the molecules now in existence, God is wanting to work in the recesses of the human heart to create peace out of confusion and rest in the midst of turmoil.

Since the onset of time, God has taken that which was dysfunctional and brought significance to all situations. However, the limitations of the human mind entrap the person into the idea that each person knows what is best for them. In the midst of the many times a person has acted, only to wish they had the power to undue that which they did.

At some point, each person will realize that even though they have lived the 'good life,' it would have been beneficial to have had a source of wisdom outside of themselves from whom to receive guidance. The God, who is revealed in the Bible, has constantly worked in the midst of broken, insecure, and troubled people to provide direction and meaning. It is surprising how often a person will cry for help and yet fail to look beyond themselves to the God who created significance out of what lacked shape and substance.



"In the beginning, all that comprised God created all that is defined as finite." Genesis 1:1 (Paraphrased by thethinkingfrog).

One of the challenges to comprehending creation is of a God communicates to those who live in a three-dimensional world, all that might exist in a four, five, six, or more-dimensional existence. Edwin A. Abbott explained the difficulty of one existing in a two dimensional world in his work Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions into grasping what takes place in a three dimensional world.

If human fingers were placed on a piece of paper, those living in the "Flatland" of the surface of the paper would only see the impressions of the thumb and four fingers. They would not observe the connectedness of these five impressions to the hand or to the body from which they extend. The same problem exists for those of us living in a three dimensional world to comprehend a God who lives in a dimension (or dimensions) in which humans cannot see the connectedness.

While science, philosophy, and knowledge have increased, human existence remains trapped in three dimensions. Rather that attempt to identify the meaning of five seemingly disconnected appearances as in "Flatland," it seems fitting to realize that there is much that human beings do not know about God. Rather than attempting to explain God to people, it seems wise to simply live to the revelations that have been given to us by God. Let us be a people who live in grace and love which the Bible reveals as evidences of a Creating Being who loves and cherishes what the Divine Being created!