Changing Approach

Jesus did not entrust himself to human beings because he knew what was in our hearts. Knowing the evil, jealous, and selfish responses of which humans are capable, God realized the necessity of providing people with a new heart.

Western Christians now live in an age when values have been destroyed, a concept of worth has disintegrated, and a sense of propriety has disappeared; leaving the difficult question, “How are believers to influence the world?” The approaches of the North American church in the 1940’s through the mid-1960’s were rendered useless by the sexual revolution and the open rebellion of the late 60’s through the early 1970’s.

Two responses to this unrest were the birth of the Moral Majority (the Religious Right) and the mega church. As Western culture continues to crumble at unprecedented speed, the church must again realign its resources to remain an effective influence in a disturbed time and culture.

This new approach must be Biblical and answer the question, “How does the Holy Spirit want to work?” If the church can get on board with the leading of the Holy Spirit, then it may be that the church can again see the tremendous work that was recorded in the Book of Acts.

A second aspect of this must be to heed the command to “GO”! It is imperative that the church center of operation become the streets, schools, and gathering places rather than the temple. Rather than “going” with a judgmental and divisive approach, the church must go with the love of God as our method of operation.

If we fail to remember the fallen state of the world, we tend to fight for moral issues. While these are important, the main issue is found in our living and loving as did Jesus. This is possible when the church is led by the empowerment of the Holy Spirit. If we enable a disillusioned people to see Jesus, then the Holy Spirit will convict them in the areas of moral behavior.