I am heading to Monrovia, Liberia, West Africa to train pastors. I will return to the blogging scene in early February. It has been an extremely busy January.


Worship--It's Not Just for Sundays

Worship is a lifestyle rather than an event that we practice at designated times. Over the centuries, it has morphed from the type of experience that was revealed to Moses (in Exodus) and encouraged in many of the Psalms.
Paul gives an excellent example of how worship can be lived in I Thessalonians 05:16—18. Here worship is not defined as an action nor an activity but rather the spirit by which a person lives.
The first instruction is that we are to always be joyful. Happiness is usually associated with circumstances but the “joy of the Lord” is not connected with the conditions which surround us. Rather joy comes when one is immersed in the presence of God.
The second admonition is that we are to pray continually. This requires that our thinking always includes God’s thoughts. It is a reminder that a person cannot be angry at another person and be walking uniquely with God. Here the believer persistently responds as God would because the communication never ceases.
The final command is to give thanks in all circumstances. Rather than evaluating life from a human perspective, the believer is challenged to acknowledge that God is in control. The issue for the one choosing to be Christ-like is to respond as a saint rather than as would a normal human being.
If the believer is able to implement these three concepts in their conduct, it seems evident that worship will cease to only be an event that takes place at designated times but rather “praise will continually be on my lips.” When this becomes habitual, then worship is truly a lifestyle and not just an activity.