Get To Work

As this week comes to an end, what can you look back and say that you accomplished for the Kingdom of God? Personal devotions and attending church are usually more beneficial for the person. Both of these are important and we are admonished to keep doing these things!

Whose life is different because they saw a picture of Jesus Christ as they crossed paths with you? What has changed in the Kingdom because you were alive this week?


Lost Focus

To date it seems as if little has changed since the time of the governmental bailout of the financial crisis. There have been some noticeable ramifications such as Wall Street has been unstable these past two weeks. Other markets around the world are also in disarray and other governments have stepped up to bail out financial situations in their countries.

As I observe people in Central Ohio (United States of America), it seems as if business continues pretty much as usual. The main topics of conversation focus on the Buckeyes and their football difficulties or the upcoming presidential election.

It is interesting that many people are opining that if people would not panic (concerning the financial problems), the necessary corrections would be in place to salvage Wall Street.

My concern focuses on the fact that God has been left out of the equation. It is as if we do not remember the admonitions that warn against placing our confidence in that which is temporal rather than eternal. The good news is that God is not finished with us at this time and that ultimately justice will prevail.


The Election Looms

We are weeks away from voting for the individual in whom we have confidence as the best person for the office of president of the United States. This is another election where neither candidate impresses me and are able to say with their behavior that they are the right person for the job.

If a candidate must resort to name calling and mudslinging, then this is not a person in whom I can place my confidence. Is there ever going to be a candidate who is able to state here is my track record, vote for me based on my qualifications and experience?

When a person continues to attack the record of another person, I see little or no hope for a bi-partisan effort to address the many problems confronting not only the United States but the entire world as well. Does any one have the backbone to address the greed and dishonesty that has led to the financial crisis that has crippled so many?

The solutions that have been proposed seemingly only reward those who have profited from their crimes. In a secular world system, one must accept that virtues, such as justice, will not be evident. A believer has the hope that there will be a day in which God's justice will reign. With this promise, we move forward in high calling which is ours in Jesus Christ.


My Heart Problem

How do you view people? Some appear successful as you assess their appearance and dress. Others act as if they are carefree and that nothing ever bothers them.

All too often, we become "respecter of persons" as we respond differently to a person who appears to be financially well to do as compared to our response to a person who looks like they are a beggar.

Jesus viewed people from a unique perspective and he did not entrust himself to anyone as he knew what resides in the heart of a person. All of us have a heart that is deceitful and wicked and have little power to control its desires.

The good news is that we are not restricted to this condition. God is willing to give us a heart after the heart of Jesus. It is the cure for the common greed that afflicts and affects us all.


Who Is In Control, Anyway?

Life is __________. We each fill in the blank as we see fit, with many circumstances affecting the way in which we would fill it. It is more fluid than many of us would like to believe. I like to consider myself in control of my life. However, God provides many situations which are sometimes gentle and sometimes blatant reminders that I am not.

If I live with myself in control, I learn that there are many areas and relationships on which I have little or no influence. These prove how little persuasion I actually possess.
One lesson I am learning is that the areas I want God to control—more accurately areas that I want Him to bless me are the areas in which He shows little interest. Finances, prestige, and power are not where God wants to bless me.

Rather it is in relationships—serving and loving—that God wants to bless as well as challenge me. Thus, the phrase needs to be completed like this, "Life is serving others." This is not my ideal, but it continues to prove that my thoughts and God's are on different levels.


It's GOOD News Today!

The good news is that I woke up this morning to face another day. To realize that nothing of consequence has happened in the past two weeks that affects my being. My family is still in tact. The people who I encounter are still cheerful and polite. The events of Wall Street are depressing but these can not overcome the joy of serving God through the anointing of the Holy Spirit and the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Even though the news is distressing and the continuing revelations are disturbing, my life continues as it has for the past fifty plus years. The exciting news is that in the midst of the financial market collapsing around us, that God sustains and keeps those who serve Him. Encourage one another with the news that God reigns in Heaven above!!!


The OPTIONS Are Limited

Are we facing reality? I received an e-mail that views the economic woes facing the United States as a minor inconvenience that would only be increased if the wrong person were to be elected as the next U.S. president. This e-mail placed the current down turn in the same vein as past recessions. The reality is that we have not had banks fail at this rate and that the remaining world markets have implemented preventative measures as they are being adversely affected by these events.

As I have stated before (in 2002-03) in a vision that I received that the United States would face a significant financial depression that would exceed the Great Depression. There are so many factors coming into play (Social Security, the incredible national debt, the amount of personal debt, and the health insurance crisis to name a few).

The only recourse that I see is for God's people to humble ourselves and pray and seek God's face. It is this action that God states that He would heal our land.


Weak Stewardship

What an unbelievable turn of events in my lifetime. As a child in the 1950's and a student in the 1960's, my generation was handed one of the greatest gifts of all-time, UNLIMITED POTENTIAL. The US was held in high esteem in most parts of the world. We could do almost anything we wanted.

As I am about to enter my seventh decade, I am troubled by the significant change in the gift that we are handing the next generation. Rather than "unlimited potential," we are leaving our children and grandchildren an extraordinary amount of debt. The US has dropped from respected to reviled in some parts of the world. We have left you with challenges that boggle my mind.

The good news in this predicament is that nothing has changed in heaven. God is still on the throne and will be faithful in leading the next generation. I trust that you will correct the excesses and sin of our generation.