Become a People Person

In beginning anew, my question is how am I going to glorify God during these next eight to ten months. As I look ahead I have identified a number of tasks that I wish to complete, and there is nothing wrong with the items on which I have placed my sight. However, I am guilty of not specifically planning how to glorify God with these objectives.

It is necessary that I review my agenda and first see what God would have me achieve. It is probable that He would have me focus more on relationships than accomplishments. Do I truly want to glorify Him enough that I am willing to change goals? This will be a challenge for a person who focuses more on projects and activities and prefers significant time alone.


Emminent Return

It has been quite a while (three and one-half months) since I have posted and I am planning to return to this communication medium next week. I look forward to the exchanges and the learning environment.