God is Larger than Imaginable

This is written in response to a question about the debate of Christ' nature.

There are many areas where the church has maintained different positions on a topic and have been able to defend their belief with Scripture. Examples include gifts of the Spirit (especially tongues); eternal security; predestination; inerrancy of Scripture; and understanding of the Trinity. As I said, each of the points can be defended from the written word.
I can state unequivocally that one or two natures of Christ is a point that at this time I have not resolved because God's ways are not human's ways. I believe that I understand the arguments reasonably well from both sides but I do not hold this as a point that will prevent one from entering eternal fellowship or being condemned to judgment.
As an example, I do not accept the concept of the Trinity as such because I see it as limiting one's perception of God. It is clear that the Bible describes three persons of the Godhead but it never calls them by the nomenclature that we humans have affixed to them. When there is a discrepancy such as this, I continue to search because I believe that this means there is more for us to learn on the subject.
From the human experience, God MAY have determined that all we need to know about the Divine Being is that of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. When we enter into the Kingdom of Heaven as it exists in eternity, we may learn that there are seven, twelve, or forty persons to God. If we struggle to handle three, how could we comprehend a God that is much larger than what has been revealed?
The more I become rigid in my position, the more I close myself off to God speaking to and through me. As I reminded us, God's ways and the ways of humans are not the same.


Second Vision Body

It was during an early morning time of prayer and I was pleading with God to permit the presence of Jesus to be abundantly real in the worship service later that morning. As I continued with this prayer, I saw an image of Christ, his height was that of our sanctuary roof, about forty feet tall.
The irony to me was that in this appearance, Christ was located outside of the church with his back toward our church. This was disconcerting to me as the first assumption, was that Christ was turning his back on this portion of his bride. I was aware of some past sins within this congregation and have been working with our Pastor's Cabinet (this group addresses the spiritual concerns of the church) to address each of these.
The longer the vision lasted, I began to sense that this is not what God was communicating. Christ turned and reached his hand to the church which I thought indicated that he was expressing opening himself to this church.
However, I did not have peace with this understanding and continued to ask what was being shown. Over the course of about three weeks, the realization came upon me that Christ had little intention of joining us inside of the church but was reemphasizing his call for us to follow him. He wanted to make sure that we were not focusing on his presence so that we could be satisfied with how holy we are but rather that this holiness was focused on our involvement in our neighborhood. We would not enjoy the rich blessing of Christ's presence solely in our worship but more importantly in our service.