Contemplating Life

When investigating what would make life worthwhile, I keep coming back to the concept that it must be about something larger than the business that usually attends to my being. Among the challenges that seem insurmountable to me is what do I do with relationships with other people. The times that I have been rude, dishonest, arrogant, or unpleasant toward others; how do I fix these occasions?

One of the key points for me in Christianity is the focus on 'forgiveness'. One of Christ's strong points of emphasis is the necessity of forgiving others who have wronged me. I have learned that in extending forgiveness towards those who have offended me that I no longer live in a state of seeking revenge. Once I extend a person this type of release and I am not holding a grudge, then I am free to enjoy life abundantly.

Equally true is the idea that if I have wronged someone, I need to go and ask for their forgiveness. I do not say "I'm sorry" but I ask for their involvement in the healing process by asking them to forgive me. In raising the stakes from being sorry, which often means "I am sorry I got caught" or "I can't believe something this trivial is upsetting you," I also pledge to be more considerate of them in the future. Always being willing to extend forgiveness and ask for forgiveness is a joyous way of living life.


Success Encompasses People

By virtue of the fact that you are reading this you woke up this morning. Waking up for some is a challenging task in and of itself. But once you are awake, what are your plans for the day? What do you want to accomplish today? When you retire this evening, what will put your mind at rest that this day has been successful?

All too often we focus on goals and accomplishments, of what importance are these? Is there a better way to measure a great day? What if in the midst of your agenda and your livelihood, you focused on relationships with people? What if at the end of today, in addition to your regular routine, you are able to look back and state, "I made a new friend today;" "I helped someone who truly need assistance;" or "My relationship with my spouse or family is better today than it was yesterday"?

Realize that success which neglects people and relationships is limited to the honor you receive for the day. It is fleeting rather than substantial.


Somethings Go Beyond Relative

We are being sold a bill of goods that all is relative and that there is no truth. The bottom line is that this is being applied to the moral code. In the scientific realm there are things that are true and that reactions can be determined based on the circumstances.

If it were not for a faithful calendar, we would not be able to land a rover on Mars, nor forecast the appearance of a comet, nor reach the moons of Saturn years into the future. These events require a standard calendar that is consistent.

We have heard of the small window that exists in returning a flight from the moon. These calculations are based on hard facts or what we might call truth.

If there are truths which exist in the scientific realm are there actions that are always right or wrong in the moral world? Is it ever permissible to murder (premeditated taking of another person's life) or rape or to commit spousal/child abuse? If there are some items that are always wrong, why can we not accept that there may be a moral code that is instilled in the hearts of human beings?


Look Before You Leap

Frogs have two primary ways of moving from one spot to another. On terra firma, we leap (humans refer to it is hopping) and under water we swim (hence you humans borrow our method and swim with the FROG KICK).

Once one becomes comfortable with their way of getting around, could be leaping, could be walking, we gain confidence in our abilities. In our cockiness, we sometimes neglect to observe all of the dangers which would cause us injury or harm. As a frog, we work to avoid things such as humans, dogs, snakes, etc. Our health and life are dependent upon being alert.

Humans are different as they are at the top of the food chain (I hear frog legs are foul tasting and are not highly recommended). In their cockiness they wander into a number of areas which are detrimental to them. With their advanced minds they seem unable to realize that certain bad decisions will bring them consider discomfort and pain.

Frogs know that bad decisions will lead to deadly results. For humans it may not be instantaneous but it can be equally deadly. Learn that your choices have significant consequences.


the_thinking_frog: ENTRANCE

The _Thinking_Frog enters the world of blogging with the profound wisdom of life learned from living in the pond. You are hatched, you grow-up, you attempt to keep food on the lily pad and you avoid the many pitfalls that live in the swamp.

In between birth and death, one searches for meaning. The interesting thing is that meaning is not found in the successes (avoiding being lunch or getting the dragon-fly on your first attempt). No, it is not in what I accomplish that tells me I am a success rather it is the relationships formed. Many friends and families make for a success, try it you'll like it.

One distinct advantage is that "Frogs eat what bugs them."